A. Infectious Disease

Qualification of Antiviral Drug Candidates for R&D

Jan 19, 2023

Attributed to global efforts and accomplishments of scientists and medical professionals, an antiviral candidate for the treatment of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, should meet higher standards after numerous clinical trials worldwide in the last three years (2020~2022). Here are examples of criteria:

  Significant improvement of performance upon the drugs approved by the FDA

  Capable of treating a wide spectrum of viral infections

  Ability to help patients with symptoms from mild to critical conditions

  Discoveries of new targets and/or new target zones for advancement

A drug molecule, either a repurposed commercial drug or an investigational one, is named an excellent candidate if it can fulfill one or more requirements listed.

In reality, drug molecules exist to fit the above guidelines and at present, the point is that companies and/or organizations with ownerships have not been aware of their existence yet.

By using the new technology introduced on the front page, before any costly clinical trial with patients, the therapeutic functions of a drug molecule can be evaluated comprehensively through quantitative and precise experimentation.