F. Drug R&D 101

Rifampicin (Alveolar walls, heart, brain, blood.)
Cefpiramide (Oxygen-rich zones near alveoli, upper respiratory tract, liver, kidney.)
Ampicillin (Oxygen-rich zones near alveoli & upper respiratory tract)[1]
Piperacillin (Oxygen-rich zones near alveoli)[1, 2]
Rolitetracycline (Blood & blood vessels. A broad-spectrum agent.)
Lymecycline (Blood & blood vessels. A broad-spectrum agent.)
[1] Guidance for Treatment of COVID-19 in Adults and Children, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan. October 20, 2020.

[2] DOD COVID-19 Practice Management Guide - Clinical Management of COVID-19, led by Lt Col. Renee I. Matos & Col. Kevin K. Chung. October 16, 2020.