F. Antibiotic & Antiviral Candidates

Antiviral & Antibiotic Drug Candidates

June 3, 2020

The main target zones of the following drugs in the human body are instructed in round brackets.

Pivmecillinam (Alveolar walls, upper respiratory tract.)
Rifampicin (Alveolar walls, heart, brain, blood.)
Cefpiramide (Oxygen-rich zones near alveoli, upper respiratory tract, liver, kidney.)
Ampicillin (Oxygen-rich zones near alveoli & upper respiratory tract)[1]
Piperacillin (Oxygen-rich zones near alveoli)[1, 2]
Rolitetracycline (Blood & blood vessels. A broad-spectrum agent.)
Lymecycline (Blood & blood vessels. A broad-spectrum agent.)

[1] Guidance for Treatment of COVID-19 in Adults and Children, Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan. October 20, 2020.

[2] DOD COVID-19 Practice Management Guide - Clinical Management of COVID-19, led by Lt Col. Renee I. Matos & Col. Kevin K. Chung. October 16, 2020.