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A site to show new laws in nature and science

1. The Conic Principle

A new law, The Conic Principle, is disclosed here, and it states

Objects form as groups on surfaces of multidimensional cones

This website is designed to exhibit the beauty, perfection, and simplicity of mathematical structures embedded into objects in nature and science.

Three typical examples of the conic principle are the law of gravity, the Newtonian second law, and the Einsteinian conservation of mass-energy. Discovered by the scientist of VWorld International, a more specific example is that the masses of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter meet the conic equation

(MIo )2 + (MEuropa )2+(MCallisto )2=(MGanymede )2    (1.1)

The error of eq.(1.1) is less than 0.2%. Similarly, the masses of the five nitrogenous bases present in DNA and RNA also obey the conic equation of a different form

(MCytosine )(MUracil )(MAdenine )(MGuanine )=(MThymine )4    (1.2)

The current error of eq.(1.2) is less than 0.6%, and its actual error is much smaller than 0.6% because this formula is simplified for brevity.

In addition to masses of objects readily available on the internet for tests, there are many conic equations for other parameters. Here is an example of the orbital parameters of Earth, Mars, and the moon

Earth )(βMars )=(βMoon )2    (1.3)

where β is the ratio of the aphelion of a planetary object to its perihelion; for the moon of Earth, the names are changed to the apogee and the perigee, respectively. The error of eq.(1.3) is about 0.12%.

2. Patterns of Biomolecules in Human Body

The well-known molecules in the human body follow perfect patterns described by elementary equations, which also fall into conic equations in a generalized meaning. Some examples are presented In Show Room I, along with the necessary materials to support the mathematical statement.

In the public domain, databases released by NIH, HMDB(Canada), NASA, and NIST on their websites are indispensable assets for theoretical analyses and computational experiments.

3. A Virtual Human for Clinical Trials

VWorld International has created a virtual human after more than ten years of efforts for clinical trials of molecular drugs, including small molecules, monoclonal antibodies, and herb medicines. The primary approach is to reassemble endogenous molecules in the human body, discovered by scientists so far, back into the virtual human body, consisting of the major systems: the nervous system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the immune system, the respiratory system, etc. Other substances are also included, such as elements in the periodic table, basic biochemical representations of viruses, bacteria, and so on.

Every system is further divided into subsystems with specific organs and tissues, which functional groups represent. Each group has numerous endogenous molecules to support its biochemical and physical activities.

Law-controlled reactions occur when a drug enters the virtual human, leading to pathological and productive results for the drug in meticulous detail.

More than three thousand commercial and investigational drugs are employed to verify the effectiveness and reliability of the virtual human. Most available drugs on the market match their roles despite the inaccuracy of numerous given mechanisms published in the public domain. At present, many drug candidates in clinical trials need to be more relevant to or better fit their roles regarding their pathogenic targets.

The primary functions that the virtual human cannot do currently are:

         Estimation of half-life

         Determination of dosages

         Toxicity (not side effects) of many drugs

         Penetration of BBB

When the new technology is applied to repurpose a commercial drug for new clinical applications, the first three restrictions are relaxed, and the fourth one is not a constraint for the medications in the neuroscience category.

4. A new natural law

A new natural law is the core element of the virtual human that precisely quantifies interactions between drugs and biomolecules in the human body. The current capability can complete the clinical trials of a drug molecule in a few hours or a couple of days for brief reviews of its efficacies and side effects. More importantly, the new law can clarify the fundamental therapeutic mechanisms of a commercial drug or a drug candidate. As a result, it extends the drug's application scope to different categories and develops a family of the drug for improvements.

The law can precisely determine two significant factors for a drug: its targets and target zones where the drug hunts for targets. The efficacy and effectiveness of a drug depend on its capability to neutralize the targets and its power to dock on the target zones.

As shown in the directories on the left side of the front page, a set of therapeutic categories is listed as examples for the instruction of future exploration, including infectious disease, dementia, cancer, diabetes, etc., dementia, cancer, diabetes, etc.


Showroom I: Patterns of Biomolecules